How to change the bands on your Fitbit

How to change the bands on your Fitbit

Changing the band on a Fitbit device may seem like a simple proposition, but it’s all too easy to end up in a fight with your new Versa, Charge, Alta HR or Ionic.

And since one of Fitbit’s great strengths lies in its customization, it’s likely that you’ll be wanting to swap out the standard band fairly quickly after purchasing. Once you have a collection of straps, it’s also likely you’ll want something formal for work, and something sportier for exercise.

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In any case, it’s handy to know the steps for changing your band quickly and easily. Below, we’ve provided just that, so read on for everything you need to know.

How to change band on Fitbit Versa

Though Fitbit’s second smartwatch is perhaps the pinnacle of all its wares, trying to change the band can require a mighty effort. We’ve chipped many a nail trying to force those tiny metal bars into place and hear the lock, and unfortunately there’s no easy way to change straps.

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Some band types are easier than others, but below are the basics you’ll need to follow if you’re trying to make the switch. Also, hot tip: if you’re switching between the small and large bands, you only need to change the bottom half of the band.

  • Turn your Fitbit Versa onto its front and find the two metal release levers, located at the edge of each end of the band and locked into the smartwatch’s casing.
  • To release the band, slide the pin on the lever inwards, then pull the band away from the watch.
  • To attach a new wristband, slide the pin into the small notch on the watch. Then, as you fit it into one end, line it up with the other end and release the pin into place.
  • You should hear the two sides lock into place, and the band should be stable.

How to change band on Fitbit Ionic

The Fitbit Ionic is perhaps the easiest to customize within the Fitbit family, with its clip system helping you snap different bands into place in just a few seconds – it’s certainly easier than the Versa, that’s for sure. If you’re having trouble, follow the steps below.

  • Turn the Fitbit Ionic onto its front and locate the band latches – there’ll be one on each end for you to unclip.
  • To release, push down on the flat button on the strap on both sides. Sometimes you may have to wriggle it around, perhaps lock properly into the watch, before fully releasing it from the case.
  • To attach a new band, simply line it up with the latch on both sides and press in until you can hear it snap into place.

How to change band on Fitbit Alta

Whether you’re trying to change the band on a Fitbit Alta HR or the regular version, the process is just the same. And since this is Fitbit’s sleekest and most stylish tracker, with plenty of designer bands at your disposal, rotating bands is an essential skill for any owner. Follow the steps below to learn how.

  • Turn the tracker onto its front and find the two latches located where the band meets the module.
  • To release either side, push down on the flat button on the strap and pull the band away from the watch.
  • Having issues? Push the band back towards the frame and try to lock it back into place and restart the process.
  • Once off, attach a new band by pushing it into the empty latch – you should feel it slide and click into place without too much effort.

How to change band on Fitbit Charge

Changing the band on the Fitbit Charge 3 and older Charge 2 is actually very similar, despite the leap made between generations in the design department. That’s because both feature the same strap mechanism on the actual tracker, and, similar to the Ionic, switching both sides should actually be very easy if you can follow the steps below.

  • Turn over the tracker onto its front and find the two latches – one will sit on either side of the case.
  • To release, press down on the flat button on the strap. Like with the Ionic, you may have to move it around and lock properly before trying to un-snap it from the frame.
  • Then, to attach a new band, just slide it into the latch until you hear it snap into place.

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