Apple AirPods 3 tipped to launch in 2019

Apple AirPods 3 tipped to launch in 2019

Welcome to another fine instalment of And finally, your one-stop-shop for all the wearable tech news from the week.

Grabbing the headlines this week was news that Samsung had to deal with a big Galaxy Wearable app bug, while the new Michael Kors Access Sofie Heart Rate smartwatch launched and Google Fit finally came to iOS. Withings also told us why the Move ECG is being held up.

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We’ve saved up a few lighter stories for you to tuck into, including a big Apple wearable rumor and more. Enjoy.

Apple AirPods 3 are coming in 2019

Apple is not done with its AirPods this year according to the folks at Digitimes, who believe the third-generation wireless buds will be up for grabs before the end of the year.

Its industry sources say the key feature for the new AirPods will be the addition of a noise cancellation feature for those times when you drown out the world. There’s no mention of any of the health tracking features, which we’ve heard about from other rumors.

The company of course launched its second-gen AirPods in March this year and with there likely to be a new iPhone to shout about in the autumn, maybe we’ll see a new hearable join it too.

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AlterEgo headset talks to computers with your mind

And finally: Apple AirPods 3 tipped to launch in 2019

When it comes to wearable tech innovations, MIT is up there with coming up with really groundbreaking ways we could use wearables in the future.

We heard about the AlterEgo headset developed by Arnav Kapur in April last year and now Kapur has performed a live demonstration of how the tech works.

Kapur was showing off the significantly redesigned headset at a TED Conference last week, which relies on four electrodes that scan the jaw and face to detect neuromuscular signals. These are apparently the signals that a person produces when they think about verbalizing words without actually saying them. That’s a practice commonly known as subvocalization.

He was able to silently search for a weather report and also showed a clip of an ALS patient using AlterEgo to vocalize his thoughts. It’s all very impressive stuff.

Surfer reunited with Apple Watch lost at sea

And finally: Apple AirPods 3 tipped to launch in 2019

In a true test of durability, a surfer who lost his Apple Watch in the water was reunited with the smartwatch this week – six months since it was eaten by the waves.

Body surfer fan Robert Bainter used what appeared to be the first version of the smartwatch to track his activities in the water. When he noticed it disappeared from his wrist he activated the Lost Mode, which locks the screen and lets users assign a number to call if it’s found.

After giving up on any hope of finding it, a beachcomber found the Watch months later, three miles away from where it was lost, and it was still working albeit with some haze on the screen caused by the saltwater.

It’s not clear how much time it spent in the water, but what we want to know is how did the battery last that long?

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